I wish to contribute to the Economic Activation of Ndebele Communities

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HE King Makhosoke II wishes to express His gratitude to the following donors that have contributed to this worthy cause.

To the donors who wish to remain anonymous, His Majesty expresses His gratitude for believing in the cause of making the Ndebele nation great.


Brad Green

9 July 2021

Amount Donated
R7 500.00

Andre Van Greunen

19 July 2021

Amount Donated
R1 000.00

Tanya Appelgryn

29 July 2021

Amount Donated

Dirk Dirk

9 July 2021

Amount Donated

Janine Piper

9 July 2021

Amount Donated

Anthea Forer

24 October 2022

Amount Donated

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Message to all DONORS

His Majesty wishes to thank you for your contribution to the Ndebele nation.

It is the intent of this project to enable Economic Activity in the rural Ndebele communities through skills development and small business development. It is the objective to have all Ndebele youth employed or self-employed in and around rural communities.

Various Economic and Corporate Social Investment projects in the Ndebele Kingdom will be consolidated within this project for maximum impact.

The fund is managed under strict Corporate Governance principles and the following principles guide fund distribution:

  • The fund is managed by an Executive Management Committee of professional advisors;
  • His Majesty acts in an advisory capacity on the Executive Management Committee;
  • All fund distribution is formalized in strict legal agreements between parties;
  • The Executive Management Committee will be responsible for the development of a Constitution for the fund;
  • Ndebele Royal (Pty)Ltd will be audited annually;
  • Each donor receives membership to the Ndebele Royal Community Club with benefits to be announced;
  • Each donor receives a letter of appreciation from the Ndebele Royal household for the contribution that was made;
  • All corporate donations with B-BBEE objectives will be recognized through accurate audited information.

This fund has been established to serve the Ndebele nation and each youth for a purposeful and successful future. To set up an appointment to discuss projects or donations, please submit an enquiry on the ‘Contact Us’ page for a representative of this project to contact you.